The ICARUS team on the Danish National Radio

On 12th of October 2019, the ICARUS team participated in radio program conducted at “Danish National Radio” and gave an audio interview on the “Cities as drivers in managing the climate and sustainability challenge”, followed by an in-depth discussion with IPCC Climate scientist, Mayor of Roskilde Thomas Breddam.

During the debate, the ICARUS participant raised awareness and discussion on the links between air pollution, citizens health and wellbeing, climate change, social equality, future cities and the politics and governance of European cities in a present and future perspective. Increasingly, public and political attention is turned towards a more detailed understanding of systemic interaction between the major urban challenges and cities’ capacities to take the necessary actions more rapidly on these issues.

Visions and the position of inclusive and healthy cities were drawn into the discussions, also assisted by recognition by other panelists (i.e. mayor of Roskilde and climate scientists).