ICARUS Project at Health and Climate Change (1st Symposium) in Rome, Italy – 3-5 December 2018

The ICARUS project is present at the First Symposium “Health and Climate Change 2018” (https://healthclimate2018.iss.it ) that will take place on 3 – 5 December 2018 in Rome (Italy), host by National Health Institute (ISS).
The aim of the Symposium is to promote an intersectoral and multidisciplinary approach to estimate, and to prevent, climate change-related events as well as to prepare the authorities to put in place measures to reduce adverse health effects.






ICARUS Project Coordinator, prof. Denis Sarigiannis, is a member of the International Scientific Committee, and he will present “The climate exposome: a new tool for addressing the health impacts of climate change”.
Climate changes affect social and environmental health determinants such as clean air, ecosystems health, safe drinking water and sufficient food. Globally, people at greatest risk of adverse health effects associated with climate change include the children, the elderly and vulnerable groups. Socio-economically disadvantaged groups and areas where infrastructure and/or social services are not efficient will fail in adaptation to climate change and related health hazards. Temperature-related death and illness, extreme events, polluted or stressed ecosystems represent relevant issues raising concern for both health and economic consequences.