Workshop in Madrid: “Developing visions for smart green and healthy cities”

On the 12th of June 2018, at ISCIII facilities in Madrid, a workshop entitled “Developing visions for smart green and healthy cities” took place to elaborate and select future narratives in Madrid (related to ICARUS Working Package 6.

The aim of the workshop was:

  1. to identify the two more relevant future trends that can led future narrative descriptions;
  2. to elaborate future narratives on green and healthy cities for each case study; and
  3. the selection of the final future narrative by using multi-criteria analysis.










A total of 18 people from strategic sectors were identified, personally contacted and invited to the event. Finally, nine participants attended the workshop, representing the key stakeholders, air quality and public health experts, NGOs, citizens associations. After the end of the event, a press release was developed and published in the ISCIII web (in Spanish).